4/26/2010  6:30am

Talladega set more records yesterday. The most leaders in a sprint cup race with 29. The most lead changes in a Sprint Cup race with 88. The first time three attempts were made at a green/white-checkered finish. The longest Sprint Cup race ever held at Talladega with the final count being over 530-miles.

The package on the cars allowed for guys to take the lead, fall back, work their way back to the front lap after lap. You could see cars that looked strong, but it never was clear cut as to who had a chance to win the race until the final lap.

The Nationwide Race was very competitive as well but the last lap crash, which included Dennis Setzer getting into the catch fence, reminded us that the car change for this series can not happen soon enough.

Setzer’s car rode up the wall and the steel cables kept it from leaving the racetrack, but those same cables also caused the oil cooler fire that had everyone holding their breath until Dennis climbed from his mangled racecar. 

If the cables had not been in place, Setzer had close to a 40’ drop in front of him. The cables did their job, but with the fire, maybe NASCAR should look at running more cables, so it a little more like a netting affect that could keep the cars in the house without ripping through them.

Also, Jimmy Johnson’s crash, when he moved up on Greg Biffle and the two cars spun into the infield near the end of backstretch, found another area of wall that did not have safer barriers installed.

Remember from lessons learned from past races: Cars will wreck anywhere on the racetrack. Cars can take flight at any point on the racetrack. If a wall does not have the safer barriers installed on its surface that is where the next wreck will happen.