Wilkesboro Shuts Down, The Rock host USAR/UARA this Saturday

Dale Wilkerson                                                                           May 2011

News broke today that the ownership group that re-opened the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway has made the difficult decision to shut down again.
Race fans voiced their displeasure when this track was closed due to the dates being split between Texas Motor Speedway and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. So when this track re-opened how did race fans respond?
Some fans bought tickets to attend the events last fall and this spring, but there was just not enough interest.
Another track in the Carolina’s was shut down in similar fashion in 2004. The Rockingham Raceway sat pretty much dormant until Andy Hillenburg purchased the track at auction.
The Rock will be in action this weekend, as the USAR and UARA series roll into town. Nearly 400 laps of racing will be on the card and race fans that miss this track and it’s side-by-side racing should be making their way down Highway 74 this Saturday morning for the 12-noon green flag.
Fans, we have a chance once again to show that we miss Rockingham hosting NASCAR events. Visit www.rockinghamracewaypark.com to secure tickets for this race. Let’s make sure Rockingham stays in business for a long, long time to come.