What a day at the race track!!!

The racing was incredible in every class. The response to the Mike Butler benefit was awesome and once again shows how racing is a family. Also, the church service was great. Mike Duvall’s testimony is a powerful witnessing tool.

A lot of times we don’t pay the heat races much attention, but how ‘bout that Johnny Pursley!!   

Watching him defeat Scott Bloomquist was like watching Ken Schrader outrun Bill Elliott during Daytona Speedweeks in 1987. No one expected Schrader to out run the fastest car in NASCAR on that day, and probably 90% of us figured that Johnny has a solid second place run as he followed Bloomer for a few laps.

Johnny was getting a strong run on the low side in turn one, and when he pulled off the pass, the crowd response was overwhelming.

As for the main, McDowell and Madden put on one heck of a show. One driver was working the high side while the other worked the low grove; both of them were using lapped cars as a pick to gain an advantage, just some great racing.

It was a shame that the Speed TV folks were not on hand for this one.

As the Super race wound down, Britt sent me a text picture of Brad Keselowski taking flight at Atlanta. I think Carl Edwards is about to spend a week or two in NASCAR timeout. I mean the renegades had a throw down Sunday, but they didn’t flip each other.

Edwards will say, “I didn’t mean to do that,” but so did the little boy that threw a baseball through his neighbors’ window. That boy had to work off the cost of that window and Carl will have to pay the price for his retaliatory strike at Bad Brad.