I must have been dreaming near the end of the Nationwide Series race Saturday afternoon

Seems like I remember there being a late caution, resulting in a green-white-checkered attempt to complete the race. Three cars crashed to set up another green-white-checkered which resulted in another crash and the car of Mike Wallace flipping down the backstretch. Wait just a minute! Was that a racecar flipping? Did I really see that happen?
But I thought the wings on the C.O.T. cars was what made them flip? Did this new style racecar not realize it had a spoiler on it and because of that it was supposed to stay on the ground?
Granted, the crash was not very violent and Mike Wallace actually drove the car in from the crash site. The extra fin added to the deck lid helped to stop the flip after it happened, but just like we have seen since the early eighties, when a car gets sideways, especially with another car acting as a pivot point, or a lift of point, cars will take off.
Perhaps the cars need a wrap around skirting system around the bottom, not just the front nose to help keep them on the ground. NASCAR will continue to look for ways to keep the cars on the ground and hopefully a solution will be found.