Ronnie Black

Ronnie Black came on board with Droppin’ the Hammer April of 2008, but he has followed racing for many years.

As a young boy, his father would take him to the Confederate Speedway in Woodruff. Growing up in Spartanburg County, during the 60’s, Ronnie was able to see firsthand the role of Spartanburg County in NASCAR. On the 2/20/2010 show Ronnie talked about a legend that drove for a Spartanburg team.

The guest was 1960 NASCAR Champion Rex White, who drove for Crawford Clements. During the conversation, Mr. White was talking about how the older race cars looked like the street cars. Ronne responded with, “I was amazed a kid Mr. White because the car you were racing looked just like Daddy’s car in the driveway!”

Ronnie has worked with ESPN-1400AM for several years as a show producer, call screener, board operator, and on-air personality.

If you have attended a Byrnes Football game or sporting events at USC-Upstate, you may have heard Ronnie as he works as the PA-man for events at both schools.

In many ways, Ronnie serves as the crew chief for Droppin’ the Hammer during the show. He runs the board, calls the guests, makes sure we are broadcasting, checks the facts on trivia questions, and he keeps us on time so a guest doesn’t have to wait on us.

Ronnie has also edited recorded interviews for Droppin’ the Hammer and Internet Football broadcast for Boiling Springs, Chapman, and Landrum High Schools.