Racing community rallies behind Wayne Clayton

Dale Wilkerson                                                                        June 2010

Any fan of short track racing in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Alabama owe a debt of gratitude to Wayne Clayton.
This long-time racer created the web-site Known as ‘Track Forums’ allows fans and racers the chance to keep up to date with every track in the southeast.
Many times Wayne has posted fund raiser information for an injured driver, or a family that has suffered the loss of a home due to fire, or for someone fighting a major illness. Last week, the folks with the Harris Motor Speedway announced a fund raiser for Wayne Clayton.
Wayne has been fighting an illness for a couple of years and his medicals bills and home expenses have been mounting.
“We were able to get a lot of donations from folks to help raise some funds for Wayne and Ricki Lyn, and the folks here at Harris responded,” said driver Mitch Sill.
Several business, race teams and individuals donated collectables, memorabilia, driver’s suits, caps, shirts, meals, baked goods and other items that where raffled, sold, or bid on last Saturday night during the weekly race program.
Track Announcer Walter Faulkner became an auctioneer as hoods, bumpers, and door panels from cars from the local level up to the Sprint Cup level went up for bidding. Drivers worked the stands passing their helmets for donations and some teams donated their winnings to the till as well. One of those was driver Mitch Sill and the Bo O’Sullivan team.
“Wayne drove for Bo for a while and had great success in his car. It was an honor to be asked to step behind the wheel of this car and it is a great gesture by Mr. O’Sullivan to hand the winnings to Wayne tonight,” Sill added.
As Wayne battles his illness the folks and the Harris Motor Speedway, just continue to remember him in your thoughts and prayers. Keep your eye on www.trackforums for updates on his condition and for possible future fund raisers.