Quick Laps 11/08/10

Dale Wilkerson                                       November 2010

**So Chad Knaus decided to pull his team, the same guys that have changed tires on the way to the past four Sprint Cup Championships due to a couple of sub-par stops at Texas. Did he want to pull his driver after crashes over the past few years? Did he tell his driver that he would not be in the car this week because everybody on pit road knew that Greg Biffle was having transmission problems and only a complete idiot would have gotten right up on his bumper on a late race re-start? And did Chad consider removing himself when he has made bone-head calls or sent a car to the track that he knew was beyond the rules?
No Chad did not replace his driver and the only reason he has ever missed a race is because he was in NASCAR time-out and he was told to stay home for ‘X’ number of races. This team could implode on its self because of what transpired at Texas. And you can bet other teams have been in touch with these guys in attempt to sign them for next year, or at any point after the halfway mark this Sunday at Phoenix.
**Jeff Gordon had another tantrum Sunday similar to the one he had at Bristol a few years ago when he went after Matt Kenseth after a late race bump. This time, I would have too if I was turned into a wall under caution but my question to Jeff Gordon would be: “Jeff, why didn’t you just wait until after the race to pull up alongside Burton to wave frantically like you were having a Kyle Busch fit?”
I guess he forgot about his back ache when he started pushing and swinging at Burton. But then like two pro-wrestlers going to the same locker room after a match, these two drivers that were ready to go ten rounds with each other got crawled inside the same ambulance and rode to the infield care center. And this was a good idea how????
**Carl Edwards ran into the crowd after winning the Nationwide race at Texas. Was he really excited or attempting to steal the spotlight from Brad Kieslowski, since Bad Brad wrapped up the championship?
**Rumors keep floating around about Sprint Cup drivers being limited to a select few Nationwide events next year. Will this be called the Kyle Busch rule with his dominance of the junior circuit? Could be but it is long overdue.
**The stands at Texas looked a lot like the stands at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. There were a lot of folks that decided not to attend for whatever reason this weekend. I can understand Friday and Saturday with college football, the crowd for the Sprint Cup race looked like a rain delayed Monday race. Will Phoenix and Homestead sellout? We will soon find out. Homestead has great racing and Phoenix has a short track feel to it so maybe the bleachers will fill up for the final events of the 2010 season.