Mike Duvall returns to Victory Lane at Buffalo

Dale Wilkerson                                                     April 2010

Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolates because you don’t know what you are going to get. For race fans at the local tracks, you could say life is like a heat race, because you never who is going to line up to start the race.

Fans at Union County Speedway, in Buffalo, SC received a treat last Friday night. Mike Duvall pulled his helmet on to compete in the Crate Late Model feature last Friday, and the boys at the Bedrock Bowling Center could not have been happier.

Duvall, driving a Flinstone Flyer Racecar, held off David Smith and Blake Bentley to capture his first win since the summer of 2008 at Mile Back Speedway. Duvall’s career spans five decades and his career win total stands at 1,026. Duvall’s son Jonathan came home in seventh place.

“We pulled the (crate) motor out of the school (Duvall’s Driving School) car. It has around 700 laps on it. The Good Lord has blessed me. I just wanted to get in the car to make a few laps to see what the car was doing on track,” said Duvall.

Former track operator Ray Storay returned to Union County Friday night, this time as a competitor in the Modified Four division.  Storay held off Stacy Brock, Mike Harris and Blake Kirby to capture the victory.

Other winners included Scott Morgan in Stock Four, Mart Paterson in Renegades, Everett Dunlap in Open Wheel Modified, Crate Sportsman was won by Ben Watkins, Front Wheel Drive went to John Williams, and Brandon Summers held off Chris Patterson to win Young Guns.

Some of the regular crowd came to the track expecting a regular night of racing last Friday, while others came expecting to see something they would remember. Everyone left with a story to tell those who couldn’t make it to Buffalo last week, Stories that will be adding another chapter to the Legend of the Flinstone Flyer. But as for that winning race car, it is for sale, just contact Mike Duvall and you can be racing in proven winner this weekend. And for folks that attend the upcoming sessions in Duvall’s Driving School. That car has a race winning engine, so whether you drive yourself, or buy a ride along ticket, you will strap into that two-seater school car knowing it has a race winner under the hood.