Two area dirt tracks have uncertain futures as word and rumor abound about both closing for the year

Dale Wilkerson                                                          May 2011

In messages posted on the I-77 face-book page, and on forums boards, the operators of the I-77 Speedway near Chester have closed for the year.
Rumors are floating that Buffalo Speedway may not host another race this season as well.
I-77 Speedway had a great following of cars and fans that really enjoyed the racing at the facility. The run down from last weekend had several classes of racing with a very strong car count.
There has not been any word from the owner’s if the track will be opened or if a new management group may take over in the coming weeks.
Buffalo Speedway has been through several management changes in recent years. A lot of improvements have been made and race fans hope to see racing return.
Fans don’t just scratch your head when you hear of tracks shutting down. You need to try to support your local tracks when you can.