Last Saturday I split time between the Greer Dragway and Cherokee Speedway

Dale Wilkerson                                    April 2010

First at Greer, the first car I saw make a pass was that ’78 Dodge of Jay Norris. As a guest on Droppin’ the Hammer, Norris told us how much he enjoyed racing at Greer. When I asked him about doing the burnouts to get the tires ready to race, he responded quickly. “That is still my favorite part. I could just do burnouts and make passes all day!”
Even though he was all business, you could see them gleam in his eyes as he put the hammer down to put heat in the back tires.
I have always said a trip to the Greer Dragway is a car show, and it was again Saturday. Corvette’s, Barracuda’s, a 1955 Chevy, and a sharp ’66 Mustang, that Mike Johnson drove to victory in Foot Brake over Jessica Hicks 1967 Buick Grand Sport.
Don’t forget you will see rail cars, roadsters, hotrod pickup trucks, and the Junior Dragsters. One of these kids pulled a .0002 reaction time!! I was a great day to be at the Greer Dragway.
By the time I arrived at Cherokee Speedway, Ben Watkins was pulling into the Mike Butler Victory Lane in Crate Sportsman. Street Stock-4 was the next class out and Leon Burnett and the crew had The Lady Driver Brayden Pruitt hooked as she scored her first victory of 2011.
I large group of Crate Late Models gave a great chase but Rambo Franklin grabbed the flag. In Front Wheel Drive, Chase Webb held off Jonathan Surratt to earn his first win and the ceremonial roll in the mud that awaits all first time dirt track race winners at tracks across the south. Mitchell Duvall led flag to flag to win Pure Stock. In the Winner’s Circle, is famous father Mike Duvall looked as happy as he did in his 1,000+ career victories.
Friday night, if the rain doesn’t win again, I hope to catch the action in Buffalo, SC. Six divisions of racing will be on the card and reports of 80+ cars on hand. It should be a fun night to be in Union County and yes, I will probably blow my diet at Midway BBQ.