Dale Wilkerson                                             June 2011 

So are you one of the race fans that long for the days of the multi car drafts? How about a multi kart draft instead?
Local Kart racers will take to the high banks of the 3/8 mile Cherokee Speedway on Tuesday night July 5th in a race that many of these drivers will compare to being at Daytona or Talladega.

This isn’t the first time that Cherokee Speedway has hosted Karts. Back in the late 1980’s, Kart racers challenged the old half mile layout of the Cherokee Speedway. In the Box Stock Class for that first event, 73 drivers rolled off for the green flag and folks that attended still talk about the way Rudy Wade worked his way through traffic in the Limited Modified feature.

Several ‘car’ tracks have hosted Karts over the years. Along with Cherokee Speedway, the former I-85 Speedway in Greer, the Anderson Motor Speedway, and even Spartanburg’s Piedmont Interstate Fairgrounds Speedway. The Buffalo Speedway started as a kart racing track and during the late eighties, Westminster changed form a short Kart Track, to a high banked ¼ mile layout that hosted cars on Friday night, and karts on Saturdays.
Kenneth Headen, the 2004 Greenville Pickens Speedway Track Champion and former Kart racer, competed in that first race at Cherokee.

“We were drafting, just like NASCAR does at the big tracks. The class I competed in we were clocked at over 100mph. With the advances that have been made in the Kart racing world the past few years, they could be even faster in this event,” said Headen.

If this will be your first Kart race at a big track, you are in for a treat. You will see the big packs of Karts hook up with on group running low and another on the high side. A few guys in the back will team up and run the leaders down. And the shear speed will leave you wanting more racing when the final checkered flag of the even waves.