Greg Moore

Growing up in the shadow of Legendary NASCAR Owner Bud Moore, Greg Moore quickly developed a love for racing.

Greg started out sweeping the floors at the race shop, but it wasn’t long before he had wrenches in his hands. Greg worked on the racecars for many years, from tearing down engines, building shocks, painting, and decaling, pretty much whatever needed to be done.

He served as Team Manager, securing sponsors, arranging driver appearances, test sessions, tire deals, meals for the team, and list of things about as long as the front stretch at Pocono.

Greg became an historian of the sport at a young age. He took notes while talking to some of the greatest drivers in NASCAR, especially the ones that drove for the family team. With other teams based in Spartanburg, Greg was able to get a grasp on just how important Spartanburg County was to establishing NASCAR on the top of the Motorsports Mountain.

Greg worked with Dr. John Craft while he wrote the book about Bud Moore’s life titled, Bud Moore Man and Machine. Greg found pictures, verified stats, and tracked down former drivers for interviews with Dr. Craft.

In the spring of 2008, just as Droppin’ the Hammer began on ESPN-1400 in Spartanburg, Greg came by the station to see if we could interview his father. He asked if he could set in with us, and myself and the late Tommy Sims said of course.

That was the start of the Legend Segment on the show. The next week, Greg had Cotton Owens in the studio. Greg said I have a list of guys who said they will come on the air with us, making the Legends Segment a part of the program.

Greg has helped all race fans in the area by letting the younger fans hear more about the sport they love while letting us older fans relive some memories.