Daytona Pre-Race

Dale Wilkerson                                   February 2011


After suffering through the halftime of the Super Bowl, we will be forced to wait for the green flag until another concert has taken place. No matter what type music you like, a sporting event is not the venue. Drop the concerts and cut ticket prices.
Denny Hamlin seems to be in a strange state of mind doesn’t he? Go back to Phoenix when he had troubles last season. Then he was tangled up in a mess at Homestead which cost him the championship. Last Saturday in the Bud-Shootout he passes another car after crossing the double yellow line. Sunday he didn’t secure his steering wheel and drove though the infield grass and Thursday he spun his car out instead of passing below the double yellow line. Yes the pass is illegal, but he could have made the pass. Let out of the gas and allowed the car of Todd Bodine to get back in front of him and there would have been no penalty. Will Denny wake up before Sunday?
Well, these two car drafts look odd, but at least we are seeing lead changes. You don’t want lead changes. Would you rather the cars get in a bumper to bumper line and just ride? Make up your minds race fans. I hope we see the big draft return, but if the racing has improved for the lead, we can’t fuss too much. I just hope we don’t end up with a bunch of tore up race cars.
One thing that everyone agrees on is the quality of the paving job. The pavement at Darlington and Talladega has been praised as the best in NASCAR but this new velvety smooth pavement at Daytona maybe the best yet. The track was last paved in 1978/79 and the folks from the International Speedway Corporation hope that this surface will last as long.