Please, please peel those ‘taters!!!!!

I don’t eat them every day, but sometimes I like to get mashed potatoes. What I don’t understand is just when did most chain restaurants stop peeling ‘taters?

                We ordered lunch today at work and went to a chain restaurant known for home cooking. Normally this is one of my favorites, whether I visit this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper. (Lunch is what you eat at work or school, dinner is the meal at the 12noon hour when you eat at home or at your mother or grandmother’s home, supper is any meal after 5:00pm) I was very disappointed with my ‘taters that accompanied the rest of my meal today.

                I was raised here in the south. Fixing and serving mashed potatoes is a simple five step task. You  first (step-1) peel the potatoes, then (step-2)  you wash them, (step-3) you cook them,  (step-4) you mash them using butter, yes butter and absolutely  NOT MAYONNAISE, (step-5) you cover the potatoes with gravy that matches what is on the country steak (well that fit today’s meal) and enjoy. Without the potatoes being peeled makes me think that both steps one and two are being skipped by these chain restaurants, and that is just nasty to think about.

                At least the chain places that advertise ‘red skinned potatoes’ are letting us know that these spuds have not been peeled, and I commend them for that because it lets me know I should not order mashed potatoes at their establishment. See in this case, the words red skinned sends up a red flag for me. But for those places that use the early non-peeled mashed potatoes warning system, I will continue to visit.

                As for the others, places that refuse to serve potatoes mashed and prepared correctly, I will not be dining with you for a while, at least when I want mashed potatoes. I will find a local place that knows how we do things around here.


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