Busch and Childress Confrontation after Kansas Truck Race

Dale Wilkerson                                                           June 2011

It seems like Kyle Busch stirs up more trouble than a three year old with a bright red Sharpie and a long hallway with white walls.
On the final lap of the Camping World Truck race at Kansas, Busch found himself battling for fifth place with Joey Coulter who drives for Richard Childress.

Coulter made his move off turn two, pulling to the inside of Busch and ahead of him in turns three and four. Coulter let his truck drift up the track toward the outside wall forcing Busch to lift off his accelerator.
Busch pulled alongside Coulter and rubbed against his truck in a show of displeasure of Coulter’s tactics. Post race reports state that Busch and Richard Childress exchanged some ‘pleasantries’ when witnesses say that Childress put Busch in a headlock and to still a line from NCAA Football Official Ron Cherry; “He started giving him the business!”

Childress was allowed to stay at the track for Sunday’s STP 400, but he was not allowed on pit road, and without doubt he faces possible fines, probation and potential suspension.

In recent weeks, Childress has seen repair bills mounting from damaged race vehicles due to contact from Kyle Busch. I can understand his anger but NASCAR has never, will at least from 1979, put up with fighting about something that happened on track.

So what recourse does Richard Childress have in this apparent feud between Kyle Busch and almost every team from Richard Childress Racing? Hire Kyle Busch to drive his cars!!
A lot of folks compare Kyle Busch and his aggressive driving to the late Dale Earnhardt. When you look back at the Intimidator’s career with RCR, Childress had to fix a lot cars then too, but because in most cases due to his car being the aggressor.

This could be a dream team if Childress had an opening and Busch choose to return to the Chevrolet Camp. For many years fans speculated what would have happened if Dale Earnhardt and driven for Junior Johnson and those same comparisons could be made of a potential Busch/Childress combination. Hey a potential sponsor for this team is BC (B for Busch C for Childress) Headache Powders. Kyle and Richard could joke about their ‘rasslin match in Kansas and how they would, as a team, cause headaches for the competition.

Yes, it would be a hard sell to get these two to come to an agreement, but if they teamed up, RCR would most likely add to his win and championship totals.
Now who could Busch replace you ask? I will get back to you on that one.