Has campaign season gotten one your nerves as bad as it has mine?

This year seems worse than the last. There are signs everywhere. Billboard signs, plastic signs, yard signs, hand painted signs, banner type signs, sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blocking the scenery… and you know the song.
I block most of those out and I have yet to see one that has changed my mind when it comes to walking into the voter’s booth. On Election Day, there will be folks waving signs in hopes of convincing some of us to vote for their candidate. Others will continue to have my phone ringing with recorded messages.
Well, two sure fire ways to KEEP me from voting for you or your candidate is to first call my phone and second have someone or the candidate waving a sign on Election Day.
The mailings have been numerous and this primary season provide great information about the candidates, whether pro or con, to help folks make the decisions. Don’t call me thinking a phone will change my mind to the positive for you, it just don’t work that way.
The worst sign wavers are the ones that camp out a stone’s throw from the polling place. That is a sure fire way to get me to vote against you and/or your candidate.
Politics has gotten to be a very ugly game, and that is due in large part to the candidates.